"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences."
-Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Candace!!

Today is one of my best friends Birthday. She was in my wedding & has been a "sister figure" to me for over 14 years...She is an amazing person who I am glad to call my sister. She is is strong, loving, confident, faithful, God-Loving, Spititual, funny, and most of a friendly. She is one of the most friendliest people I know. I am sad that she lives in another state, because I'd love to hang out with her more. But I know the kids at the BBBS need her right now & she'll come back. hint hint winke wink...LOL. Candace, there is not enough ways to tell you how much I have enjoyed our times together & our friendship. You are such a great person and I can't wait to see you again. May the Lord bless you this coming year & may this Birthday be a great one for you. I LOVE YOU CHICK!! HWA for LIFE!

San Diego "Mini-cation"

The day after Christmas Andrew & I headed to San Diego for a romantic get-a-way...We stayed at the Sheradon at the Bay. We had a bay view & a great room! The first night we went to the Gaslamp district for some pizza lunch. We then went back to the Hotel & relaxed (I wasn't feeling good). Later that night we went to my favorite resturant GRINGOS!! It was SO good! (sorry theres no pics of the first day) The next day we went to my 3rd favorite place...SEA WORLD!!! (#1=the Temple, #2=Disneyland...LOL) I love Sea World and just adore hanging out with the beautiful animals.
People were singing when we first walked in...what an entrance! LOL.
First up as awlays was the penguins...I LOVE PENGUINS!!
This little guy was watching us for a good 3 minutes!
The Polar Bears were out & about...they were playful & amazing!
Andrew & I infront of the Christmas Tree.
I love this picture, it looks like Shamu is headed right for Andrew! LOL.
Thanks for posing with us Shamu...even though it took 10 minutes to get this shot! LOL.
...Beautiful Shamu...
The Walrus...What a classic pic!! I said, can I give you a kiss? shook his head yes...so this is what turned out. Cute, huh?! (except it looks like my husband has no arms...LOL)
A postcard from Sea World...LOL.
The dolphins are in the Shamu arena because they are building another arena for them. We decided to wait 1.5 hours to see the show. DISAPPOINTED!!! ugh! I was so excited, but all they did was explain about dolphin anatomy. I guess I'll have to wait for the new arena to see the dolphins back in action.

Andrew, Thank you for an AMAZING weekend. I loved being with just you & having a relaxing time. You're an awesome man who I love with all my heart. I am so glad we're together forever...you're the cheese to my macaroni. I LOVE YOU!


Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was fantasic...I love the Holiday Season. I also love being with family, both mine and Andrews'. Christmas Eve we always spend with my family & Christmas Day we spend with Andrews family.

My sister & her family opening presents with us on Christmas Eve after a WONDERFUL dinner by my Mother.
The Falzone's stopped by & we opened our presents with them. I GOT SOME GOOD DISNEYLAND PINS & a "Hidden Mickey" book...Thanks guys!
Honor Giving Santa a "hug" before bed.
Saying goodnight to Grammy. His PJ's say "What Santa doesn't give me Grandma will"...classic.
Andrew & I infront of our Tree in our "apartment" Christmas Day. Thanks Mom for our Christmas pajamas. Andrew got me a "Loves Embrace" necklace & a license plate holder that says "WARNING: I drive like a Cullen"...Thanks love!
Andrew & I infront of the Bartletts tree Christmas morning after Santa came!
Honor helping Grammy passing out Santas presents. (Honor & Uncle Andrew had matching PJ's...it was SO cute!)
Andrew & I with all our "goodies" from Santa & Mrs. Claus...THANK YOU!!
I bought these shirts from Target to wear to the McGary Christmas...I LOVE MATCHING!! LOL. (Its a weakness of mine) Thank you Andrew for dressing as Santa with me, you're really the GREATEST!!
For Christmas my mom got me a sign that says "The Magic of Christmas is not in the Presents, But in HIS Presence." I love that saying & can't wait to put it up next year with all my nativity sets. Thanks Mom for adding a very spiritual touch to my Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Tonight we went to South Coast Plaza & saw Santa. He's the best Santa around & SO FUNNY!!! We had such a fun time talking to him & seeing Madeline sit on his lap for the first time. She LOVED him & was smiling like crazy! Santa Asked me what I wanted this year & I said a baby. He looked at Andrew & said "thats your area, not mine!" LOL...we all laughed.
Andrew, Santa & Me.
Dude, Look at Santa's belt...BALLER!!
Baby Madeline and Santa...
The Falzone Family & Santa.
We are so greatful to be apart of little Madelines life. I get to see her everyday & watch her grow. We go a lot of places together, they are like our 2nd family. Thanks for being such a loving & awesome family! WE LOVE YOU!

A Christmas Fantasy Parade!

So today Mo ditched work & hung out with Madeline & me at DISNEYLAND!! We went Pin Trading (Yes, we're THOSE nerds!) and watched the Christmas parade we've been wanting to see since Thanksgiving! LOL. It was so long & good. We had a blast at our little "Girls Day!" Heres some pictures of our little day...
Mo & Madeline waiting for the parade to start.
The beginning of the parade.
They were really good too!
The "Ducks"...LOL
Roller Skating Snowflakes...OMG, I loved them!
A little Minnie & Mickey on the back of a float.
Miss Moo & The Gingerbread
Max & Goofy Making Gingerbread Houses
Chip & Dale...They were funny, they skidded & did burn outs with their "float"
the reindeer & Santa in the back...
The Big man himself...SANTA!!!
It was a great Parade & I suggest it to everyone. Thanks Mo for our little "girls day!"


Its a Small World @ Christmas!!

We went to Disneyland with Mo & Geoff on 12/16/09 to see "Its A Small World" all done up for Christmas. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! They sing Christmas songs and the characters are dressed up in festive gear. Thanks for goin with us Mo & Geoff!!!
Madeline, Me, & Andrew at the start of the ride.
Toy Soliders
Merry Christmas!!!
This was at the end...it made our night.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Snoopy House!!

There is a house by us that is on Santa Ana Ave. and every year it is decorated for Christmas with SNOOPY!!! I look forward to this house every year. Every year there is something different and I love to look for that "different" thing! We stopped by here after Follow The Star.
Dick Churchs!!!
There is this door the opens and it says the scripture of the Saviors birth. This is what you see when it first opens.

This is the 2nd scene, the Saviors Birth.
Us by Santa's Tree!!
Me trying to call Santa at the North Pole...LOL.
Andrews favorite...Snoopy Hockey!
Some more of the House.
Andrew & I infront of the Snoopy House.
Honor & the Peanuts Gang Band...
Andrew & I waiting for everyone.
Leaving the Snoopy House...
Thank you Snoopy House people for YEARS & YEARS of Christmas Snoopy enjoyment!!


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