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-Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Azlin's First Bath

Azlin got her first bath by the baby nurse while daddy watched & learned how to bathe his baby girl.


Azlin's First Visitors

Here are some, but not all of Azlin's first visitors. Thanks to everyone who visited, we really enjoyed sharing our special moment with you! xoxo
Grandma Bartlett
Grandpa Bartlett
Uncle Andy
Auntie Amanda
Aunt Andrea & Cousin Meghan
Aunt Memory
Aunt Atalie & Uncle Randy
Aunt Morgan
Aunt April
Granpa McGary
Grandma Webster


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Azlin Starr McGary

I was admitted to Hoag Hospital on Friday December 3rd, 2010 with preclamcia. Once there, they gave me magnesium to lower my blood pressure and broke my water. After about an hour they started the induction with pitocin. I was having major contractions and with each one I would get sick and throw up. After being checked multiple times I progressed to 4 cm and it was time for my epidural. (best thing known to man!) After my epidural, I was doing great until my blood pressure dropped. It dropped to 57/23, an alarm went off and nurses and doctors came running in. I got 2 shots of adrenaline and it slowly went back up. That was really scary. After that happened every time I had a contraction the baby's heart rate would go down. The doctor on call (Dr. Agnew) came in, sat at the end of my hospital bed & kindly said "we need to do a c-section, the baby's not doing too well when you have contractions. We will start in 30 minutes" Holy cow, 30 minutes!! Andrew jumped into action and called his brother Adam to come down & give me a blessing before the surgery. He made it just in time. Andrew got dressed in his "surgical gear" and then they wheeled me into surgery with Andrew waiting in the hallway until they were ready for him. (which btw seemed like FOREVER) Here I was laying on a surgery table with my arms stretched out and everyone is talking while prepping me. Then they lifted a sheet up, and in came Andrew. (I was so glad to see him again) Andrew came in and took a seat next to me, holding my right hand. Then it all began...I was terrified and told Andrew to just look at my face and talk to me about anything. He chose Hockey. (surprised? I'm not) Then all the doctors started talking about sports with Andrew. (HELLO!!! I'm in surgery right now and THIS is what we are talking about?!) All I felt was tugging and pulling. No pain, no discomfort, nothing. Next thing we knew, at 6:49am Dr. Agnew said "HERE SHE IS!!" and out she came. Screaming at the top of her little lungs. I was trying not to cry because my belly would move. LOL. They took her, cleaned her up and allowed Andrew to cut the umbilical cord. As I was getting "put back together" we found out she was 6 pounds, 1 ounce and 18 inches long. Andrew left with her and I was put into a recovery bed and wheeled into recovery where I joined Andrew & baby Azlin for our "Golden Hour." I had the shakes really bad from the epidural and had to have warm blankets put all over me. I couldn't hold my precious little girl for most of that hour. Finally at the end, I could hold her and we were wheeled up to our room. As we were turning the corner to our room, my mom saw us...started crying and came over to see her newest (and #19!) granchild. It was a whirl wind of visitors after that and 27 hours later we were sent upstairs to our mother/baby unit to recover for the next 3.5 days. Azlin's birth was chaotic and full of love. We can't wait to raise her and love her forever.

All my drugs...wow.
Here I am..being induced. This is just the beginning.

Andrew & I...just us for the last time.

Our LDR room.

Here I am, right before getting wheeled into surgery. Andrew & our sister-in-law Andrea are saying good-bye to the belly.
My belly before they began.
Here she is!!! Azlin is FINALLY BORN!
She is getting her throat & nose sucked out, all while screaming. (I will never forget hearing her first cry. what a sound!)
Nurses & doctors making sure everything is well with Azlin.
Being cleaned off by the nurses.
Andrew cutting the cord. What a proud daddy!!
Here she is!! Screaming, crying and wanting her Mama. ;)
Here I am, trying not to cry and trying to hear all they are saying about the baby.
The moment we first met. The moment I fell completely in love.
Great pic, I know...but this was me during most of our Golden Hour.
FINALLY getting to hold my little girl.
The best burrito ever! LOL.

Here we are, the McGary 3...finally our dreams have come true. Welcome to our forever family Azlin. WE LOVE YOU!!
Her stats:
Azlin Starr McGary
December 4th, 2010
6 pounds, 1 ounce
18 inches long


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