"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences."
-Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My birthday boy...

Today little Honor turned 2. I remember when he was born & how excited I was to get a new little nephew. He has brought love, laughter and excitement into our lives. We went to Chuck E. Cheese today (aka, every parents hell) to celebrate and had a blast. He went on EVERY ride and played EVERY game. He was so cute. Also, when you ask how old he is he now says "TWO!!" I just can't believe how big he's getting. Thank you for being you Honor. We love you!
Auntie & Uncle

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holy BLIZZARD Batman!!

Here is the map of the storm...oh my!!
Below is a picture of the pier 3 miles from my house...the surf is unbelieveable.
As alot of you might know from the tv, Southern California is having a HUGE storm!! I can't believe how harsh this storm is!! Our street has been flooded twice already!! There is wind, rain, thunder & lightning. HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!! Its been like this for almost 3 days now. I must say that I am NOT tired of it, I LOVE THIS WEATHER! However, there was a tornado warning in Costa Mesa and that kinda scared us.


Monday, January 18, 2010

A Lacrosse filled weekend!

This past weekend, my niece Kady (daughter of Cheri & Doug) had a Lacrosse Tournament in Palm Springs. Since they live in Colorado & we don't get to see them as often as we'd like, we all decided to go to Palm Springs and watch her play. We stayed at an AMAZING time-share called Palm Canyon Resort & Spa. They had everything we needed & plenty of room for all 6 of us!

This is the view from our room...LOVE the pool!! The jacuzzi was in the middle (underneath) of the slide. It was such a fun pool. They had a "swim-up" bar & snack shack, water volleyball, both slides and we had a BLAST!!!
This is our "living room" this picture doesn't do it justice I couldn't get it all in the shot.
There was a jacuzzi tub in the main bathroom. Honor & I played in it for what seemed to be HOURS! Grammy even gave us ice cream in the tub!! LOL.
Here is Honor at the Polo field where the games were. He was so cute when he wore the turtle visor Uncle Andrew gave him!!
Kady in action. She is #21...
In this game she scored twice...WAY TO GO KADY!!
Kady, you amazed us with your Lacrosse skills...YOU ROCK!! Thanks for inviting us to watch you & your team play!!
***On a side note, my Uncle Kimball came to the last game for about 45 minutes. We all haven't seen him since my Grandma (dads mom) passed away over 12 years ago. It was good to see him and his new wife. (ok, they've been married almost 10 years I guess. shes just new to us I guess) My sister Cheri has those pictures, so I'll post them once I get a copy.***

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To my bestest friend...

My cousin, my BFF, my other other half (my husband being my 1st, you my 2nd), my nig, my confidant...Happy Birthday. You are a strong women who I am honored to be related to and have such a close relationship with. I can tell you anything, talk about everything and you listen with an open heart. We've been close most of our lives and I'm not sure what I'd do without you! You are such an awesome person and I treasure all the times we spend together. I loved going on crusies with you and we have the best times!! Thank you for being my closest family member, and my bestest friend. I LOVE YOU!! Happy Birthday!!
Amanda & I in Alaska.
Amanda & I in Mexico.
Us @ the river in Mexico...good times!!
Us at the Geshia House this past weekend.
Amanda & I on my wedding day. Thank you for being there! I love you!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

As alot of you know I have a TON of family in Las Vegas. This past weekend we went to Vegas to visit family and have fun. We stayed at my cousin Debbie's house. (Thanks Debbie!!) We had a blast visiting family, eating at way cool places, playing BINGO & Andrew worked on everyones computer. LOL.
This is how I saw my husband 75% of the time. LOL. Thanks for all your knowlwdge & helping the family with their computers!!
Andrew & I love the History channel and one of our favorite shows is "PAWN STARS." It takes place in Vegas at the Gold & Silver Pawn. Since we were in the area we went to see it!!! We waited in line for like 15 minutes then went inside and boy was it FANTASTIC!!
Here is Andrew & I infront of the Pawn shop.
CHUMLEE!!! He's one of my favorite people in the reality show. He's so stinkin funny. I was SO excited to get my picture taken with him!!
Here is Rick and his son Corey or as he's known on the show as "Big Hoss". They were talking to the LA Times.
I even saw Elvis!! LOL.
We went to a GREAT hibatchi house called "The Geisha House". It was so much fun!!
My closest cousin & I. We're more like sisters then cousins.
While in Vegas, I DEMANDED that I play some CRAZY BINGO. While at the "Largest Souvenir Shop" I saw these crazy GREEN visors for $1.99 and I had to have them to play BINGO with! Here's Amanda & I playin our version of "CRAZY BINGO". Notice the HUGE coin, & the lighter? Yeah, thats also my way to play CRAZY BINGO!!! We didn't win anything but we laughed so hard I almost pee'd my pants a few times!
Andrew & his crazy wife...LOL.
Here I am trying to put my HUGE quater into a slot machiene that doesn't even take coins. LOL.
It was also Elvis's 75th Birthday this past weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS!!!!!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

...Hockey Time...

Andrews Hockey season has started!!! Every Saturday evening we will be at Anahiem Ice for his games. If you'd like to know his schedule, just email me & I'll let you know! For this game Memory & Honor came to see Uncle Andrew play a GREAT game!!
Honor brought HIS camera to take pics of "Nanu" (thats how he says Andrew)
Honor wasn't so thrilled to be around people with masks..LOL.
Andrew, Me & Honor.
Honor sitting on the stairs with me taking pictures. You can see Andrew in the background, he's #3.
Andrew Practicing
Honor sitting so sweetly watching Nanu & taking some pictures.
Andrew mid-game.
Andrew scored 2 goals and had 1 assist. WAY TO GO BABE!!!
Can't wait to see you on the ice more hunny...you're great!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

What did the McGarys do this New Years you ask? WE STAYED HOME!! lol. Since this might be our last New Years at my parents house we stayed home, had good food, played Rock Band, and when the clock stuck 12, we went outside & light sparklers!! It was very low key & a lot of fun!! Thanks Mom for everything you did!!

...Our 2010 Goals...
1. Go to the Temple Monthly.
2. Embrace all the difficulties that come our way.
3. MOVE!!!! (out of the Bartletts humble abode, maybe out of state)
4. Start emergency prepareness collection (I have almost everything BUT food. LOL)
5. Lose weight...lets face it, its on everyones list!!
6. Start a family.
Notice how I say goals and not resolutions? I found that I failed at resolutions yet succeed at goals. So goals for 2010 it is!!!
2009 was very hard for me. I lost a nephew & a niece. Nothing ever prepares you for the loss of a loved one. Even though I know I'll see/be with them someday, its the "meantime" that is hard. I am hoping that 2010 will be easier on my heart & loved ones.

Heres to OUR YEAR...the year 2010!!



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